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d3t welcomes Alex Skinner, Associate Producer

2nd Jul 2021


Experience / Career Background

I worked for 5 years in financial customer service roles before deciding to move into the games industry. I attended the University of Portsmouth and achieved a first-class degree in BSc Computer Games Production, producing a project with the Royal Navy as clients.

Why d3t?

The emphasis on work-life balance and the promotion of mentoring of staff is a huge reason for joining d3t. For me, one of the most important things is both career progression and continually improving my own skills, something which the experienced members at d3t will be able to provide.

Fun fact:

Other than playing games, I enjoy playing football. Whether it be 5-a-side or 11-a-side football, I am more than eager to make everyone appreciate professional footballers that much more.

Fun fact: I love Persona 5 and other JRPGs.


Thinking of Starting a Project?