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New Project Announcement! Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Coming Soon

13th Jul 2021


We are excited to announce that the d3t team have been working with Sharkmob on Bloodhunt. A new kind of Battle Royale experience set in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe in the beautiful Old Town of Prague. Customise your vampire and use your supernatural powers, weapons and wit to eradicate your enemies and deal with the hunters – all while you struggle to maintain The Masquerade.

A third person free-to-play game, d3t have been working alongside Sharkmob’s development team to create new and exciting features that players can get involved with on day one of release. Our work on the Journal and quest system gives players something to enjoy outside of the combative matches themselves, and we hope this will engage with the community’s most devout players. Further, we are providing collaborative assistance in improving the look and feel of the game for players as we edge closer to release, to include aspects such as NPC dialogue and more!

Here’s what our Head of Design, Hal Sandbach had to say:

“From the very start of our collaboration with Sharkmob, we knew this co-dev would be a good one. The game is obviously very exciting, and we have plenty of people here who love the IP. But it’s the nature of our relationship with Sharkmob that has really made this a great project; they’re communicative, open, happy to listen and provide us with ownership of our parts of the game. They couldn’t have been more welcoming, and have really been actively involving us in the decision-making process. It makes co-development so rewarding when we’re really adopted into the larger team.”

For those lucky Kindred that hit the streets of Prague in the recent closed alpha, we hope you dominated the night! We look forward to seeing you at dusk on release.

Coming soon on Steam!

Head over to the Official Bloodhunt Website for more info. Stay tuned!



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