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d3t welcomes Joel Fleetwood, Associate Technical Artist

30th Jul 2021


Experience / Career Background

As soon as I graduated from Edge Hill University in Games Programming, I wanted to gain experience in the games industry. The diversity of my courses gave me confidence that I could become a great Technical Artist, where I can think both creatively and technically about game development, which I love!

Despite being in the middle of the pandemic, I managed to gain experience as a Junior Technical Artist by volunteering for Fireslug Studios and working remotely through 2020, where I really fell in love with the role. From there I have made my way to d3t to kickstart my career as a Technical Artist!

Why d3t?

Along with great diversity, culture, work-life balance and support, d3t seemed like a perfect place to take my skills and knowledge as a Technical Artist to the next level, to learn from and work with friendly and talented individuals.

I have felt welcome and comfortable at d3t ever since the interview, even with my incredible nerves beforehand, and so for me, it was really a no-brainer!

Fun fact

My sister sparked my love for video games when she introduced me to World of Warcraft when I was just 6 years old (a blessing or a curse, you decide!).

I actively play League of Legends, Beat Saber and WoW. My favourite game ever is Witcher 3, and my favourite musician is EDEN.


Thinking of Starting a Project?