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The d3t 2022-2023 Programming Internship programme is now open!

We have long championed the level of talent coming through our universities. We are excited to be able help you take your first steps into a fascinating, cutting edge career.

We offer schedules that enable you to test and hone your skills while learning from, and collaborating with, members of our skilled team. Our unique business model means that we work on a number of diverse projects at any given time. This provides the ideal opportunity for you to explore a variety of languages and commercial and proprietary game engines, and engage with multi-disciplinary teams including programmers, artists, designers, producers and QA.

We work with world-class clients, providing excellent customer service and complete confidentiality. This is a vital part of what we do, so all interns are required to agree to our stringent confidentiality policy. All these elements combine to offer a very rounded and realistic view of the industry.

Industry placement now forms a vital part of many university courses and we are delighted to be able to offer up-and-coming talent the chance to experience the industry first-hand in a supportive and vibrant environment. We offer 12-month internships.

We can offer the longer term internships as part of a Year in Industry course. Shorter term options are available if you have demonstrable experience working on game technology. These internships give you the opportunity of real experience to help decide where you skills lie and what you would like to pursue within the industry.

d3t always strives for excellence, but equally we actively encourage breaks from work in line with our anti-crunch ethos. During breaks you get to play the latest in video games in our dedicated break out area, express yourself on our (very fun) team blackboard whilst enjoying the benefits of free refreshments, or even join the d3t Running Club! We view internships as a great way for graduates to break into this competitive industry. It gives us the opportunity to meet the very best in talent coming through our universities. Our recruitment method for interns is just as rigorous as our usual method, so if all parties are happy with the outcome of the internship, we view this as a possible routeway to securing full time employment with d3t.

“d3t was by far the best work experience I ever had. Even though I was there for only 2 months and a half, I feel like I have learned so much in that time. The work was indeed challenging (but in the best way possible) and I knew I could count on my co-workers, who were always eager to help out. Everyone in the office was lovely, and they made me feel part of the d3t family from the start. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun, and it was always a pleasure to come to work.

No matter if you’re an experienced dev, or fresh out of Uni, I would recommend d3t to anyone – the interesting projects and the lovely people do make it one of the best places to work at.”

Irina Hristescu
23 October 2018

“d3t is a remarkable company to do an internship with!  The work is both interesting and challenging, and you get to work on some amazing projects which scale right up to AAA games! All the staff are friendly and the office maintains a relaxed atmosphere despite being a very professional business.

If you earn an internship with d3t, rest assured they believe you’re capable to do the job and will give you every opportunity to prove yourself, as a member of the team! After 14 months I can, hand on heart, say that it would be a pleasure to return to d3t, I’ve learnt so much and they still have much more to offer!”

Neil Osbaldeston
22 August 2018

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