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d3t welcomes Angharad Hill, Associate Programmer

2nd Jul 2021


Experience / Career Background

I just finished studying my Computer Games Programming BSc at Staffordshire Uni and will be officially graduating at some point in 2021. As part of the course, I did a practice interview with d3t, and I was then asked to pass along my CV for an actual interview and here I am now!

Why d3t?

What originally pulled me to the company was the variety of projects being worked on and thinking about all the new skills I could develop. As I looked into the company more, the culture and employee benefits really appealed to me.

Fun fact:

I love baking and have, like many people, gotten into baking sourdough loaves over the past year and am always looking for new recipes!

When relaxing I play a lot of Sea of Thieves and Dead by Daylight, and when I don’t feel like sleeping, I love classic horror movies with my most recent watch being the original Friday The 13th.


Thinking of Starting a Project?