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d3t welcomes Lewis Arnold, Associate Programmer

2nd Jul 2021


Experience / Career Background

I’ve been coding properly since I started secondary school, and just finished 3 years at the University of Suffolk studying Games Programming BSc. It was an awesome course and I met so many cool people, mainly through the Games Society that I ran for two years. My favourite project was my C++ game engine, the Filthy Engine. It was crazy fun working at such a low level compared to being cuddled by Unity and C#.

Why d3t?

The variety of work d3t takes on is very interesting; being able to see and work on lots of different projects will keep the job fresh and new for a long time. Also, the people here are really chill and super friendly.

Fun fact:

I’m a massive car nut. I own a 1990 Mazda MX5 (Jap Import) and love building it into my own vision. I’ve also held a 1st-degree black belt in martial arts for a couple of years, which fits in well with my frequent outings to the gym.


Thinking of Starting a Project?